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About Us


Jollor is a fresh and dynamic company at the cutting edge of social media management.

Our team brings together the best and brightest from social media, international marketing and business development. Together, we developed a single view, easy-to-use platform, ideal for managing your social media activities.

Our smart interface allows you to monitor and instantly join conversations over social and popular media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and discussions.

Jollor was born out of a desire to develop a single platform that companies can use to effectively manage their social media activities. From our extensive research and the feedback we received, we realized that social media managers wanted something missing in the market: SIMPLE, SMART, in a SINGLE VIEW.

So, we took matters into our own hands and set out to develop a platform to help social media marketers manage their presence and teams more effectively. We created a beautifully-designed, sleek, and intuitive interface that enables you to react quickly in the ever-changing social media world – all in a single view!

Jollor is based in Prague in the Czech Republic, which is currently exploding with innovation and technological development. As a result, we have been able to tap into a pool of highly skilled developers, who have provided a wealth of creative ideas from all corners of the social media spectrum and are keen to take part in continually evolving Jollor by adding new channels, features, user interface improvements and developing more sophisticated analytical tools.

We are backed by our parent company, Ewing Group, which is one of the most successful communications company in Central and Eastern Europe. Ewing Group provides consulting and social media management services to a wide range of international clients. Through Ewing Group, Jollor is ideally placed to take advantage of all the latest trends in social media.


Jakub Hrabovský

Founder and CEO

Jakub is a communications and social media professional, who has worked in social media since its inception. He founded Jollor in the belief that he could make a significant contribution to the world of social media. He worked at Vodafone UK, where he set up Vodafone Web Relations and Social Media. With the experience and knowledge he gained, he founded Manage Social, regarded as one of the leading edge companies in the social media space. In continuing to explore opportunites in social media, he has brought together a team with expertise in social media, marketing, and development to drive Jollor.