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Privacy Policy

Before signing up for the Jollor Service you are required to acquaint yourself with the Terms of Service available at (hereinafter the “Terms”) and the Privacy Policy available at (hereinafter the “Policy”). By signing up, you agree to these Terms and the Policy and you undertake to comply therewith.


By using Jollor (“the Service“) by Jollor s.r.o, you consent to the collection, transfer, and processing of personal information to the extent stated in this document.

“The Data” we collect and process as part of the Service

How do we use “Data”

Personal Data Storage Period

We store personal information:

“The 3rd Party Data” we collect and process as part of the Service

The Service collects data from external providers (social networks) using their respective data APIs. The Service collects only data for 3rd party integrations that a Service user activates. Scope of collected data is specified by Service users in 3rd party integration settings. Collected data is removed once Service user deactivates an integration. Data collection respects a data provider's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The Service users are responsible for processing collected data in accordance with data provider's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. See the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of individual data providers that the Service collects data from:


Cookies for logging in

In order to increase user comfort, the Service uses “session cookies” that allow certain information to be remembered (such as the login) while navigating the Service’s website. The cookies have a limited lifespan and it is necessary to login again after their expiration.

Analytical cookies

The Service uses analytical cookies by third party “Google Analytics” to analyze traffic on individual parts of the website and within the application itself.

Sharing personal data

Jollor s.r.o does not provide any personal data to third parties with the exception of the following cases:



In order to protect children, it is forbidden to use the Service until at least reaching 18 years.

Users from the EU

If you predominantly use the Service from the EU, we will process “User data” in the “processor” regime upon request. In that case, it is absolutely necessary to conclude a processing contract. Contact us at According to valid EU legislation, the user is considered the “data administrator”.

Your rights

How to Contact Us

If you have a question about personal data protection rules, please contact us at:

Jollor s.r.o.
Jankovcova 1603/47a
Praha 7, 17000
Czech Republic

Document version 1.2 (valid from May 25, 2018)
This document replaces all previous versions.